School Group Trips to Europe – Hear from our Music Director Clients

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Planning an educational school trip for your students is an undoubtedly rewarding overseas experience, the wonders of the world have an ability to inspire growing minds in exciting new ways.

At Angas Travel we understand that the idea of executing the perfect educational tour abroad can be overwhelming; it requires meticulous planning and organisation is paramount.

We also know that a specifically catered school tour can be incomparably priceless, for both student and teacher. That’s why we offer a Music Director Preview Tour, that qualifies for Professional Development Recognition – so you can justifiably decide what experiences are best for your students, while networking with progressive, like-minded educators.

Earlier this year, we held an inaugural Music Famil European tour with a group of Music Directors, from a range of Australian schools, to discover first-hand the experience and opportunities available to students.

To learn more about the insights and recommendations when traveling across the world with students on an educational tour, we spoke with Darryl Pope, Director of Music at Pembroke School, and Mat Noble, Music Director at Concordia College. From two highly regarded Adelaide schools, both Directors have used our resources at Angas Travel for many years to organise multiple overseas student tours. Here’s what they had to say.


“I have worked with Angas Travel three times, I’ve done three trips already and I’m in the process of planning another at the moment,” says Darryl Pope, the Director of Music at Pembroke School.

Mat Noble, the Music Director from Concordia College has also travelled with many student groups on educational tours with Angas Travel.

“We have used Angas Travel for the last 10 years to organise our tours to France. We started with our first tour in 2008 and we have used Angas Travel ever since,” says Mat.

“With Jackie and her team, and their incredible local connections they have overseas, it’s opened many doors for us, to be able to have opportunities that we would never have dreamed had we not used Angas Travel.”

Not only are our customised educational school trips available to all Australian educators, they give an unparalleled assurance that you can confidently pass on to your students and their parents. Something Darryl really appreciates.

“What I like about them is that they give reassurance about the arrangements we make, the venues, the standard of hotels, they follow through. And the attention to detail is just fantastic.

“Negotiating the school group travel deal so that you cut down people’s personal luggage weights, so you can add whatever it might be – cellos, trombones, tubers, guitars – the background and the setup and the understanding that Angas Travel brings to all that and their relationships with the airlines is fantastic,” says Darryl.

Largely experienced in organising educational tours throughout Europe, our team at Angas Travel have been able to secure invaluable contacts at each destination. This allows our school groups incredible opportunities.

As the Director of Music at Concordia College, a school with a world-class music faculty, it is no surprise that Mat Noble’s tours are mostly music focussed, with emphasis also placed on humanities and exploration of WW1 and WW2 history.

“On those tours, we present concerts, in a whole range of venues that Angas Travel pre-organise for us, to a very wide variety of audiences. Paris, of course in the heart of France, and then up into the Somme area. We have also done some concerts in Belgium and also some exploring, being tourists as well, then across to England where we have performed in London,” says Mat.

“Primarily music has been the vehicle to get to Europe to explore the wonderful towns we visit and meet the wonderful people there,” says Mat, highlighting the significance of simply being immersed in the local culture of each destination.

“Performing under the Arc de Triomphe at the La Flamme ceremony, an eternal flame lit for the unknown soldier, is such a moving experience. You are in the centre of Paris under a monument with such historical significance. To be able to contribute to the history of that with our music is the greatest highlight,” says Mat.

If you’ve ever travelled with a large group or team, you’ll know of the magic that builds between you. There’s an undeniable sense of growth and reliability upon one another, and it most certainly becomes the basis for lifelong friendships and unforgettable memories.

“While we are away on tour there is a real team building that occurs,” says Mat proudly.

“The reason why we take students on tour is, we see the growth, maturity and the way they become responsible for themselves and for each other. There is a real team building that’s difficult to replicate in a classroom – being overseas makes them put team building into practice away from home.”

Experiencing a similar vibe with his students, Darryl notes how quickly bonds are made and a real togetherness forms – something that may not have happened back home in the classroom.

“Friends are made during the tour, they develop, they bond, there is a real togetherness of the group,” says Darryl.

“Some students become really motivated and inspired by the experience they have had. The concerts – Villers-Bretonneux, the Dawn Service out there in the fields, and the tours of trenches – the students develop and become inspired and committed to certain causes. Some students go on to study music at a tertiary level and become serious musicians, while others go different paths but that’s ok. The experience helps mould who they are and what their values are too.”

If you’re a Music Director, Teacher, Head of Performing Arts, Principal or nominee of one of these people from across Australia and would like to organise an educational tour for your school students, then join us for our next Music Director Preview Tour in January 2019.


Limited to just 10 spaces available on the tour (one per school/organisation and subject to eligibility as per the Terms and Conditions), register your interest today!

Registrations close 15 September 2018.

If you’re interested in learning more about our range of tailor-made tour options, please contact Jackie Male. We can help you organise educational or cultural group tours covering disciplines such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths; Languages; History, or even Fashion abroad.