Travel With Points!

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14 September 2018

Did you know… That as an American Express card holder you can pay for part of, or all of, your travel with your Membership Rewards points? This is called Travel with Points. Those enrolled in the program can enjoy a host of benefits such as:

  • Points can be used as full or part payment towards almost any travel purchase
  • Earn frequent flyer points on eligible travel purchases
  • There are no blackout periods
  • Use points to pay for travel for anyone – family, friends and employees
  • Child and infant discounts still available
  • Use points to purchase Gift Cards
  • Pay using any combination of points plus cash

Are You Eligible?

Only American Express Australian issued cards with Card Members enrolled in Membership Rewards Premium Ascent, Ascent and Business Ascent and Gateway are eligible to use their points for travel at Angas Travel . This includes David Jones American Express Cards.




The various redemption values for enrolled card members are:

  • Premium Ascent and Ascent: $100 = 10,000 points
  • Business Ascent  $100 = 12,000 points
  • Gateway : $100 = 13,500 points
  • David Jones American Express Card Members: $100 = 15,000 points

For more information get in touch with one of our friendly travel agents at Angas Travel today here.