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Things happen when we travel – and not always snap-worthy happy memories. Sometimes it can go disastrously wrong – missed flights, theft, missing baggage. Even unpronounceable Icelandic volcanoes and IT failures can contribute to some rather catastrophic travel issues! But that’s part and parcel of travel, the lows come with the highs. Luckily though, there are layers of protection on offer if you book with a trusted and accredited independent travel agent, easing the stress of these situations. But which accreditations matter? What exactly do they offer and how can you choose your travel agent with confidence?

We’re going to break down the acronyms and logos that you see when you visit our website. How useful are they for your travel security? Is there any point to them? If you value security, trust and communication – then it’s really quite important. Without a travel agent, you are on your own

AFTA – Australian Federation of Travel Agents

AFTA is the peak body for Australia’s travel agents, addressing the major issues relating to the travel industry. It provides a national framework for education and training for travel agents, lobbies government and is an instigator of industry collaboration.

ATAS – AFTA Travel Accreditation Scheme

The ATAS accreditation is a mark of the highest honour in the Australian travel industry. A sign of quality, the ATAS certificate holds strict criteria for entry and accreditation – including sound financials – meaning you are in safe hands and can relax and travel with confidence. By using an accredited ATAS travel agent you are essentially employing an expert. Convenience, trust, exclusive deals and customer advocacy are just some of the myriad benefit of booking with an ATAS accredited agency like Angas Travel.

IATA – International Air Transport Association

This is the accreditation that most travel agents dream of! The IATA has the seal of approval from industry and consumers alike, is recognised worldwide and is a highly desirable affiliate. If accredited by IATA, it means the agency has met a strict set of criteria and obligations. How does this benefit the customer? The IATA accredited travel agent has the authority to sell and reissue international and domestic flight tickets on behalf of participating airlines. Meaning at any time of the day or night your ticket can be reissued by your travel agency, without the hassle of contacting individual airlines. Not all travel agents have this ability and it can mean the difference between a dream – or a nightmare holiday experience. Angas Travel is proud to be an affiliate company with IATA – it’s a real boon for our clientele.

Magellan Travel Group

Magellan Travel Group affiliation typically recognises the high-end expertise of the agency, their strong local identity and community profile and importantly – that the agency is a trusted and established travel agent. At Angas Travel we are proud to be affiliated with Magellan Travel Group, knowing that it allows us to help our clients with our experience, expert knowledge and our independence – allowing us to offer you the best deal possible for the right price.

CLIA – Cruise Lines International Association Australasia

An industry benchmark, displaying the CLIA logo identifies your agency as endorsed by the cruise industry. It shows that your company has specially accredited cruise travel consultants and experts on board to help you craft your dream cruise holiday. CLIA is composed of more than 60 of the world’s major cruise lines, with 20,000 agencies around the world displaying the CLIA seal – which identifies them as authorities on selling cruise holidays.

So while these badges and logos might appear as jumble on a page, their mark is a signifier of the highest level of trust, respectability and security in the travel industry. The team at Angas Travel are very proud to be affiliated and accredited with these companies as we know it means a better quality of service and communication for our clients – you.

If you’d like to experience the difference, get in contact with one of our experienced travel professionals today. Whether it’s school group travel, cruising or specialised travel itinerary, the team at Angas Travel has your back. We really do make the world of difference to your travel experience.