Top 40 Best Travel Hacks to make you a Stress-Free Explorer.

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They say that chance favours the prepared so we’ve created the ultimate list of travel hacks, capable of turning the most flustered tourist into an ever-ready nomad. From airport secrets to economical tips and ways to plan and pack like a pro – we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re backpacking or business class, make the most of your journey.


  • THE ARMY ROLL– Roll your clothes rather than folding them, whether you’re packing a rucksack or trolley bag, this is the best way to create more space.
  • ORGANISE– Pack your clothes into individual bags, which can be found at any luggage store. Place blouses and shirts in one, underwear in another etc. This will save you from rummaging around for the small stuff in a hurry and keep your bags neat for the whole trip.
  • TAKE CHARGE– A PowerCube from Office Works is a cheap and compact way to charge multiple devices at once, while protecting them from electric surges. Just connect it to the international adapter of your destination.
  • ON-BOARD BAG– Have a separate bag of things in your carry-on that you’ll need during your flight (like a book, lip balm, headphones etc.) Whip it out before take-off and place in your seat pocket, to avoid constantly overhaning on your neighbours to access the overhead locker.
  • ZIP LOCK IT– Double-bag products like makeup, medication, sunscreen, insect repellent and hair products in a zip lock bag in case of leakage. For carry-on, place any liquids, aerosols and gels under 100ml in a clear bag as well, so you can zip through customs. This also makes it easy for you to add them to a day pack when you need it.
  • THE CRISP COLLAR– For business travellers, line your collars with a belt to keep them neat and crisp in your bag.
  • THE BULLDOG- A ‘bulldog’ or ‘binder’ clip is a fantastic travel tool that can keep your earphones from tangling as well as safely shielding the open blades on your razor to avoid any accidents.
  • PACKING SCENT-SIBLY– Transfer your favourite perfume or aftershave from its bulky glass bottle to a smaller, plastic spray top bottle. This will make your luggage lighter, create more space and eliminate the risk of the bottle breaking.
  • AVOID THE STINK– Place dryer sheets in your luggage to keep your belongings smelling fresh, no matter how many dirty socks are in there.
  • JUST IN CASE- Keep a toothbrush, a change of clothes and a pair of underwear in your carry-on, just in case your luggage gets lost. Otherwise, it’s a great way to make sure you get off the plane feeling fresh.
  • FILL IT– Take an empty bottle in your luggage to re-fill with water. Something versatile like the three in one stainless steel drink bottle from can also be used as a travel mug and a tumbler. It’s a great way to save money in airports and abroad no matter your beverage of choice.
  • I’M FRAGILE– Mark your luggage as fragile to protect it against any rough-handed ramp agents.
  • KEEP IT LABELED– Make sure your medication is left in its original packaging and stored in your hand luggage. If you don’t have the packet, it’s a good idea to get a letter from your doctor outlining any prescriptions or medications you have.


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  • DON’T EXPIRE– Check your passport for its expiry well ahead of travel dates. Your passport generally needs to be valid for 6 months after your return. If necessary, give yourself a generous amount of time for the passport renewal process.
  • VISA– Carefully check the visa requirements for your passport nationality. Check with your Angas Travel consultant to be 100% sure.
  • LOST A CHARGER? Most modern TVs have a USB connection on the back or side and are found at almost all airport lounges or hostels etc.
  • SCAN YOUR ID– Attach a scanned copy of your passport and important travel documents to an email and send it to yourself. If you misplace your passport or have something stolen, you download the information to your phone quick and easily.
  • SNAP YOUR PARK– If you’re leaving your car in the airport carpark, take a picture of its location. There are better ways to end a holiday than getting lost in the airport car park, traipsing around on the wrong floor.
  • SNAP YOUR BAG– Use your phone to take a picture of any baggage you take. In the event that your luggage gets lost in transit, this will speed up any retrieval processes or paperwork.
  • SNAP YOUR MILEAGE– Taking a picture of your hire car mileage on pick up and drop off, to ensure you avoid any undeserved fees.
  • PODCASTS– Podcasts can be your saviour on long bus journeys and airport stopovers, or a fascinating amusement as you kick back on the beach. Before you leave, download a list of your favourites to ensure endless free entertainment.
  • STOP OVER CASH– Keep $20 cash in the currency of each destination and stop-over you’re planning for. This way you can enjoy a juice in Dubai or a taxi to your hotel without worrying about travel cards or conversion.
  • INSURANCE- If you get sick, lose your bag, have something stolen, or severely injure yourself, having travel insurance can feel like a warm hug. Take the biggest stresses out of travel by contacting an Angas Travel consultant and asking them to provide you with a quote tailored to you and your trip.
  • BEST SEAT IN THE HOUSE– Are you a long-legged isle lover or a cloud-admiring window seater? Make sure you pre-allocate your seat on flights to make them as enjoyable as possible.
  • GET OUT OF THE AIRPORT– Turn horrifically long airport transits into memorable adventures by researching airlines and stopover destination. Singapore, Seoul, Taipei, Doha and Salt Lake City are just some of the many destinations that offer cheap or free tours, to get you out of the airport for a few hours. Some airline search engines like SkyScanner have a ‘multi-city’ tool where you can extend and customize layovers (transit in Australia speak). Don’t forget to do your research, confirm with the airline (about tours, free hotel stays and visas) and book in advance where possible.
  • EMERGENCY CONTACT- Save an Angas Travel emergency contact number in your phone. Regardless of the cost of the call, it could just save you on the day – some advice is priceless.
  • FREE CALLS– Downloading apps like Viber and WhatsApp will allow you to make free calls and messages to anyone else with the same app, whenever you’re connected to Wi-Fi.
  • MONEY– Carry a Travel Passport loaded with the necessary currencies, or load up a Qantas Frequent Flyer MasterCard or Virgin Velocity Card –– this can be safer than carrying lots of cash around. In the event of a stolen card, have a relevant contact number through which you can cancel your card immediately.
  • LOUNGE ACCESS– Having access to an airport lounge can make your stopover fly by. Lounges are generally accessible to those with particular credit cards, travelling business class, or willing to pay an entry fee.
  • SPA TREATMENTS- Some airports give special spa treatment to passengers flying in business class or with the destination airline. For example, Doha provides discounted spa deals, while Abu Dhabi offers a 15-minute complimentary treatment subject to availability.
  • RING RING– Make sure your data is turned off so your mobile phone doesn’t charge you roaming fees. Switch your phone to airplane mode to preserve battery and talk to your service provider to find the best way to use your service overseas.



  • BE AN EARLY BIRD– The earlier you look the better you book. Give yourself time to find the best deals on cruises and flights, providing ample choice.
  • KNOW YOUR SEASON– It just takes a little bit of research to find the perfect time to visit your destination. Some places experience monsoon weather, closing almost entirely during off-peak seasons, while others can be bombarded with too many tourists during their high-peak season. Knowing school holidays both at home and abroad is also worth knowing.
  • BE ATM SAFE- Try to avoid using ATM’s in public spaces like train stations, if you’re travelling alone. Having your back turned and your money out is never a good combo.
  • THE MUST-DO’S– Check Lonely Planet’s Top 5’s in each destination. There’s nothing worse than getting home, only to discover you’ve missed out on an amazing attraction.
  • OFFLINE MAPS– Navigation apps like Google Maps or MAPS.ME allow users to save maps for offline use. Make the most of airport and hotel Wi-Fi and download maps of your surrounding area so you can explore data-free.
  • BE SMART– Explore for the latest safety recommendations, from weather conditions to political climate, you’d be silly not to check it out.
  • WHATS ON- Check what’s on in the cities you plan to visit: art exhibitions, sporting events, festivals and theatre are all best arranged in advance.
  • SEE FOR FREE– Many cities offer free walking tours, which you can usually find with just a little bit of research. The tour guides survive on your donations and know their cities like the backs of their hands. It’s a great way to get your bearings in a new city, meet other new arrivals and ask any questions you have about the best places to eat, drink and explore.
  • BUZZ WORDS- Create a small list of words and phrases, translated and spelled out phonetically in the language of your destination. The ability to say ‘hello’, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ will get you a long way with the locals and it’s a fun way to immerse yourself in their culture (no, help, and vegetarian, are also helpful words to add to the list).

Print these out or save them to your phone when you start to get itchy feet, for the smoothest of sailing on your epic adventure. We hope you make some incredible memories and fall in love with the world again and again.


Safe Journeys,

Angas Travel Team x