The Education Kids Can’t Get at Home

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There are important lessons that can only be understood through experience. To be transported to a foreign land in the safety of company, with every sense heightened. Unparalleled presence. Beyond the confines of the normal routine and the comfort zone.

Such experiences imprint the memory and inspire positive character traits in formative years. A spirit for adventure, a compassion for all people, an ability to be adaptable, and eagerness for a world education. The world within and out there. Far beyond the books, screens, schedules, schoolyards, and stereotypes.

A world of learning (and safety)

Navigating individual country rules requires an experienced school tour provider. In 45 years of operation, the dedicated team have seen, planned, and guided through it all. Based in Australia, it’s the team’s personalised service, care and flexibility that define an Angas Travel school tour. The educational travel professionals become a core part of the school planning team.

The tour is custom designed, exactly as required by the school. Planning in an ever-changing landscape calls for agility and flexibility. An Angas Travel tour is put together so changes can be easily made. And fast.

Plan ahead for 2025-26

International school tours can take up to 18 months to organise and it’s not too early to start the process for a 2025-26 departure.

Teachers, parents, and students will require time to prepare, both practically and emotionally, for a trip. This isn’t an experience that can be rushed, particularly as we emerge into a new era of world travel.

Extend your curriculum, beyond borders

Angas Travel will work closely with your school to create a tour that complements your curriculum. Music and art tours in Europe, business and STEM itineraries in the United States, language trips to South America, history and food experiences in Asia. There’s no subject or country outside Angas Travel’s expertise.

For students in Year 11 and 12, Angas Travel’s partner company, Escorted Gap Year, is an alternative option for guidance counsellors to discuss with future graduates. An enriching, structured ‘rite of passage’ experience that can give young adults the mindset and time to clarify their career paths.

Australia’s most trusted education travel organisers

With an extensive network of trusted international partners worldwide, 24/7 support, and a local tour manager travelling with the group and teacher for the entire journey, Angas Travel makes an international school trip uncomplicated, safe, cost-effective… and unforgettable.

Travel develops our educated, inspiring, and informed global citizens and leaders of the future. Angas Travel maps the itinerary that guides them safely out into the world and back home again. Ready to unpack a whole new worldview.


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