The benefits of an international educational school tour

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Travel is probably the last thing on your mind right now. International borders are closed and the world has been in an extended state of ‘on hold’ for months. Some countries are faring well, while others are in a perpetual lockdown. It will continue to take time to understand the best way to approach and manage this crisis. But one thing’s for certain: it will go away.

Life will resume, undeniably as a ‘new normal.’ The streets will fill up again, the office will see more faces. Restaurants will be busy and flying will recommence. And when this happens, everyone will be doing it.

Paris sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? BUT…

We understand your hesitations about planning ahead. That you’ve probably been in reactive mode all year, making adjustments to get through the crisis. You might not have much time or mental space to think about an educational tour for high school students in 2021 or 2022. And, you’re worried about what an overseas school trip might look like post-pandemic – with social distancing, travel insurance, and all the other ‘what if’ COVID-19 scenarios.

But once all those elements are ironed out, travel will be one of the most important ways to re-connect with the world – especially for our future leaders. We’re at a pivotal time in human history and to witness different cultures during this period is an educational experience in itself.

Food and travelling are one of the best ways to experience, understand and bridge the gap between cultures, nations and religions. And right now, we need more unity and immersion than ever. Travel student trips opens the eyes, at a formative time in their character development.

Experimental learning, beyond the books with an educational trip

Even the virtual classroom can only take learning so far. Travel takes students beyond what they can comprehend through teachings, into an immersive, societally awakening experience. This is a much more powerful way to learn and complement the in-class lessons.

We’re becoming exponentially connected as a world and, by taking students on an international school trip, they become privy to global citizenship. Travel teaches adaptability, problem-solving, communication, and critical thinking. The earlier one learns these soft skills, the better equipped they are for the real, fast-changing world.

There are things that only experience will teach. Embarking on an educational tour is invaluable for understanding and development. This is when students start to adopt and hone their important worldviews.

Reinforce classroom material, create bonds & inspire individuality

Imagine learning about Italy between two A5 pages in a 232-year-old country, then entering Rome’s Colosseum, built in 70 AD. School-based trips are designed to reinforce material learned in the class by seeing it with their own eyes. This gives them better historical context, empathy for the past, and a deeper gratitude for modern culture.

These trips give students life-long memories and bonds with classmates and teachers, so learning improves back at school. Most importantly, an educational tour gives youth the opportunity to learn in a different way and defy any ‘I’m not a good student’ falsities, to step into their individual preferences and discover more about who they are.

Tailored itineraries, based on your curriculum

Are you an art teacher who dreams of taking your students to Florence? A geography teacher who often sets homework tasks on the fascinating landscape of New Zealand? A Chinese language teacher who wants students to see the culture first-hand? A music teacher who draws on symphonic Austrian influences in a music tour?

With a custom-created itinerary, your school student tour can mirror your course content. Taking the music example, a school trip could include a bespoke concert tour through Italy, a commemorative journey through the Somme or an orchestral experience to Austria.

One popular option is to combine the Summa cum Laude Festival in Vienna and the Bratislava Festival in Slovakia. The Provencal Youth Music Festival also attracts young musicians and teachers. These types of experiences bring the students out of the classroom and onto the world stage, allowing them to meet other young musicians from all over the world and at the same time bringing them centuries back to better understand the history.

School-based international trips really are the most inspiring and indelible way to learn.

You’re not alone in the planning (or anytime throughout the tour)

As one of Australia’s leading organisers of overseas study tours for 40+ years, we’ve weathered economic and social challenges that have affected travel. Our personal relationships with overseas suppliers and combined experience of our team, you can expect the high level of care that planning a school tour demands.

If you’re thinking ahead to 2021 or 2022 and have always wanted to take your students on an educational trip or, you simply have questions about touring post-COVID, contact us on 8131 2642 or   We develop curriculum-based itineraries, rich with unique experiences that always put the students’ safety first.

Having kids of our own, we truly understand the students’ parents. And as parents, we want the best for our children. Travel is one of the greatest gifts for our youth, today.