Mighty mountains, idyllic islands & Aussie outback. It’s time to see Australasia.

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As Australians, we have access to stunning locations, whether it’s in our country or in our close island ‘neighbours.’

Australasia is the cluster of neighbouring countries that include New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. From the rainforests, desert and beaches of Australia and the laid-back islands of Fiji, to glaciers, geysers and mountain peaks in New Zealand, adventure awaits.

It’s a region loved worldwide, made famous by Hollywood blockbusters like Lord of the Rings and Cast Away. And Australasia travel is so enviably close. Monuriki, made famous following Cast Away, is so beautiful it’s almost hard to believe it’s real. That’s exactly why you have to see it with your own eyes. You’d be forgiven if you mistake this place for Hawaii.

Take advantage of idyllic destinations close to home

It’s a unique time to experience these regions. Each island has its own special culture, from the Maori people in New Zealand to the enchanting Fijian Polynesians. It’s hard to believe you can experience all of this, so close to Australia. This makes these islands affordable to travel to, as opposed to a trip to Europe or North America.

Being tourist destinations, these regions rely heavily on people visiting to support the economy. By travelling to these Pacific Islands, you can do your part by spending your money in a place that’s hurting – a destination that always welcomes its guests with open arms.

These islands offer a greater feeling of safety and seclusion. If ‘stay on an exotic island’, ‘hike a glacier’, ‘swim in a natural hot pool’ or ‘see a volcano’ are on your travel bucket list, you can check off all these adventures without having to take a 24-hour flight. It’s right in Australia’s backyard.

See home, through the eyes of a tourist

But truth be told, you don’t even need your passport to see incredible sights. In Australia, we’re blessed with some of the most incredible, diverse scenery and attractions that would keep you occupied for many years to come.

Millions of people from around the world land in Australia knowing that they’re going to experience something very different. That same feeling is open for you, too – even if this is home.

Trekking the mystical Red Centre and connecting to our wise Indigenous people… syncing with the stunning slow, surfy East Coast way of life… taking an epic road trip across the Simpson Desert and making your way up to North Western Australia for camel rides and whale shark swims … hiking national parks, surfing world-famous waves, and taking an iconic train ride up north… there’s endless opportunities for adventure.

If you’ve ever said: ‘one day, I’ll see Australia’,  now is the time to do it. There’s never been a better time to  see what makes Australia one of the dreamiest destinations.

So, where have you always wanted to go?

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