International travel when borders re-open. Here’s what to expect.

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Aussies are born adventurers. It’s in our blood. It’s this spirit we’re known for, globally. Our lifestyle honours nature. The two aren’t separate here. But this year, the adventure was put on hold.

That yearly trip to Bali, the month-long ‘summer’ in Europe, the bucket list South American expedition… it never happened, as we spent months at home, turning our attention to exploring what’s in our backyard.

While domestic borders are assumed to reopen around the end of the year (with many routes already free for South Australians), all travel overseas remains grounded. This will, however, change in 2021. There are rumours of other countries to join travel ‘bubble’ (with New Zealand) that might include Singapore, Japan, and South Korea.

With Australia in talks with several nations about quarantine-free travel, it’s time to find where you stashed that passport and start thinking about places you’ve always wanted to go.

Exploring safely, with made-for-you travel packages

It’s important to be open to a whole new version of travel. A style that you might not be used to. Be flexible and patient, as it won’t all come back at once.

Have you ever joined an organised tour? You might find comfort in taking a Tauck or Backroads tour, so you don’t have to worry about all the small details of the trip. We work with premium providers who will vet the hotels, transfers, transport, restaurants and tours, included in an itinerary.

Do you prefer the idea of being in control of where you go? You might take a self-drive holiday. Seeing a country by road in your own rented car has its perks. You can choose to stay away from crowds and move at your own pace.

You might even want to take an entirely different kind of trip, where you skip the cities and enjoy the countryside. This is where you can ‘live like a local’ and get to know an area really well, even if your stay is short. There are family holiday packages to suit your new travel preference… all-inclusive resorts, adventure tours, getaway deals, and personal tour operators.

Where travel was once something readily available to us all, it’ll become a luxury again. Something that we’ll do slowly, more purposefully, and respectfully – and maybe that’s one of the positives of this experience we’ve shared. Where we foster a deeper connection to our home, venturing out to learn, expand, and connect to other cultures.

For the time being, it’s likely that road trips, river cruising and small tours will replace the allure of big, multi-country trips. There are a lot of uncertainties in the world right now and no matter what travel looks like for you, do it with the help of a travel agent.

Minimise the fears of cancelled trips, not knowing what your responsibilities are, and what to look for in your travel insurance policy. You can’t be overprepared travelling in 2021.

Independent travel agents will be more important than ever

There’s never been a more necessary time to plan your next overseas trip with experts who are well-versed with challenges like this. Within the Angas Travel office, our team has almost visited the entire world. And if we haven’t been there, we know who to talk to in order to create tailored itineraries. If it’s open to travel to, we can get you there.

In 2021, travel won’t be how we left it. Countries and continents will have their own regulations to adhere to. Travel insurance companies will have changed their policies, as will hotels and tour providers.

But you don’t have to work this all out alone. If you’re getting itchy feet, post-lockdown and the idea of travelling again excites you, contact the Angas Travel team on 8131 2642. Our travel agency creates customised international holiday packages that remove all the stress, all the research and all the infuriating questions that’ll undoubtedly happen on your first trip, post-COVID. We’ll keep you informed on the Australia travel bubble.

Think of all the big events that have impacted the world in the last 40 years. We’ve been there, planning safe, customised trips for Australians to continue to see the world. This is no different.