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Cruises have long been a go-to of travelling for Australians. The all-inclusive, done-for-me, unpack-0nce, convenience of cruising is attractive for all kinds of travellers. Couples, families and friend groups enjoy this luxury ‘adventure’ style.

From short cruise tours around the Pacific and iconic river tours through Europe to bucket-list multi-week trips to Antarctica, there’s plenty of ways to cruise. It’s a unique type of travel. Picture it: waking up in your luxury cabin, treating yourself to spa treatments, sipping a tropical cocktail as you look out to an expansive sea at sunset, and the day adventures that await on-land.

With cruise trips, you don’t have to choose between luxury and fun, expansive activities. Enjoy a massage in the morning and go on an onshore excursion during the afternoon. Do as much or as little as you want. It’s your holiday.

A cruise allows you to see a lot, in a short time. Visit remote, exotic places by day, with the comfort of the ship waiting for you at day’s end. The destinations and optional excursions are carefully chosen to give you the most value. Unpack once and settle in for days, without worrying about transport. That’s the beauty of cruising – it’s all taken care of for you.

A word on safety

It’s natural to feel concerned about the safety of cruising, post-COVID-19. You might feel nervous about being on a boat with hundreds of people, even after the crisis has been controlled. This is where speaking with your Angas Travel professional to select the right cruise line is important.

Travellers can be confident that new health protocols for cruise lines have been implemented. Rest assured, this includes initiatives such as contactless boarding, touch-free ordering, enhanced sanitisation and screenings, more effective ventilation, social distancing, and enhanced medical care on-board. Some cruise lines have also introduced testing.

Cruise ships have adapted fast. With these strategies combined, you can travel with confidence (and greater convenience).

We WILL be travelling again soon, plan ahead

It’s only a matter of time until luxurious cruise ships start welcoming passengers again. Because space will be limited, it’s important to plan ahead once bookings re-open. If you have credit from a previously cancelled cruise, you’ll need to re-book before a certain date. In this case, it’s best to talk with your Angas Travel consultant about your individual situation.

The cruise tours have already launched their 2021/22 cruises (and even 2023, in some cases). With great deals set to kick-off a new chapter for cruising, this will be a great opportunity to take a cruise holiday packages for less.

Have you always wanted to take a luxury cruise to Antarctica or Alaska? Got your heart set on the Kimberley’s, Tahiti or the Pacific? Is a scenic river cruise more your style? A round the world cruise? A cruise might be the best way to start dipping your feet into travel again.

There’s no better feeling than having something to look forward to, especially after this year. Even if you’re not ready to hop on a cruise ship just yet, you can pre-book an adventure for 2022. The Ocean Endeavour ‘Songs in the South’ cruise round-trip from South America to Antarctica is going to be a special voyage.

The 21-day itinerary is planned for March 2022, with Australian music legend, Paul Kelly, joining the trip. Kelly will perform three times, with the world’s last frontier, Antarctica, as the backdrop. Set sail with this Aussie icon, in a wonderous, once-in-a-lifetime destination trip. ‘Songs of the South’ is just one example of what’s to come for cruise holidays.

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Let your worries float away, plan with cruise specialist Angas Travel agents

Whether you have credit to use or you’d like to re-plan a cruise holiday for 2021 or 2022, the luxury cruise travel agent team are here to help you. Contact our independent travel agency on 1800 671 331 to start mapping out your post-COVID-19 cruise holiday 2021 plans (and beyond).